“I love trying to capture the feeling of the place I paint. What I see, hear, feel and smell.
Can you picture yourself here?”

The mesas, the mountains, the streams, the cottonwoods and the fields of silver sage are the reasons Peggy Trigg paints. She paints to share this love of the natural world.

Trigg combines energies in her life and in her work, which might be considered contradictory, but which she has found to be complimentary: landscapes and abstracts; fine artist and high school teacher.

A rancher’s daughter who grew up near Madrid, New Mexico and who now lives with her partner, Mike Ridder in Questa, she said, “I love the energy of the land. I used to ride by myself a lot, all day. I just love the land. I’m trying to capture the energy of the land and the moment.”

Trigg credits her dad and her art teachers for encouraging her to follow an artistic path. “I won contests and things like that when I was little.” An art teacher helped her to obtain a university scholarship, and Trigg also embraced teaching.

–  Anna Racicot
Taos News
December 31, 2018