My goal when painting the landscape of the Southwest is to capture the essence of my senses. Most often I paint on location and work toward trying to capture what that environment tells me. I’m not worried about capturing exactly what I see, but rather the feeling of the place, maybe the breeze, the hot sun on my back or maybe the history of the scene. I work loose, trying to capture the essence fast, before it slips away. Most often, I complete most of the painting on location with just a few touch ups in the studio. 

I was raised on a ranch in New Mexico; the land is what I love. The materials I use vary. Sometimes I want the fast intensity of a larger brush stroke while working in acrylics and at other times, I work in oils using a spatula or large palette knife. The colors I lay down are not often the exact colors I see but rather, what the environment asks of me. I like to “push” the color.

I either work on cradled panel boards or, on my larger work, canvas. With my paints, I either use Golden Acrylics and mediums and Holbin WS Oils. My favorite tools include  house painting brushes, spatulas and palette knives. 

Viewers should feel a contemporary sense of place when they look at my work. I want them to feel that same breeze, hot sun or cool wind. I want them to be immersed in that specific environment.