Home Gallery

These paintings I have at my home gallery in Questa, NM. If you are interested in knowing more about one, please email at pegtrigg@gmail.com or call at 505-974-5314.

Can’t find what you want? I also do commissions of your favorite area. I will drive to a location within 100 miles or I can work from your photos. Again, send me an email of give me a call.¬†

Commission paintings prices will be increased by 10% for size requested.

Monastery Road Morning Light

oil on panel 12x12 $520

Kitchen Top Mesa

oil on panel 11 x 14 oil on panel $550

Cerro Pedernal

oil on panel 12x36 $975

Mid Morning Light

oil on panel 12x12 $520

Afternoon Storm

Afternoon Storm oil on canvas 18x18 $750

Pilar in Winter

oil on panel 12x48 $1200

Living on the Edge

oil on canvas 24x48 $2880

Winter Sage

acrylic on panel 11x14 $550

Water in Motion

acrylic on canvas 24x48 $2880

Towards the Convergence

oil on panel 10x10 $415

The Muddy Road

acrylic on canvas 16x12 $600

Life on the Edge

acrylic on panel 24x18 $925

June Rain

acrylic on canvas 18x24 $925

Down Manby Trail

acrylic on panel 14x11 $550


acrylic on panel 18x24 $975

Brush in the Arroyo

oil on panel 12x12 $520

Behind the Gate

acrylic on canvas 30x30 $3000

Light After the Rain

acrylic on canvas 30x40 $2500

Weave on the Pastel Plains

acrylic on panel 18x24 $925


acrylic on panel 11x14 $550

Abiquiu Land

oil on panel 11x14 $550

Life in the Arroyo

oil on panel 11x14 $550

What's Ahead

acrylic on canvas 36x36 $2750

Morning Light

acrylic on canvas 20x20 $825

Seco Field in Early Winter

acrylic on canvas 24x48 $2880

Taos Mountain

acrylic on panel 12x16 $600

Morning Light at Sheep's Crossing

acrylic on canvas 36x24 $1950

Bears Crossing River Front

acrylic on panel 12x16 $600

The Box

acrylic on canvas 36x24 $1950

Canyon Rim Sunset

acrylic on canvas 48x48 $4800